Not the only nerd at the conference/Clunes Booktown

Well well well, whaddaya know? I AM going to the library conference! And I’m probably excessively excited. But hey, I did say I was passionate about libraries, and have been since an early age so what would you expect? And yes, I’ve already been teased for my last post, especially the bit where I gushed about attending the conference session on digitising 100 years of parliamentary data, and I can’t really defend it – but I’ll bet I’m not the only nerd at the conference.

And no, there are no sessions on shooshing library patrons…”now fingers to lips, bend slightly forward, frown, and repeat after me: quiet in the library! “, and no there are no sessions on wearing pearls and twin sets either! Lordy, if there’s one profession that is continually subject to clichés and sterotypes, its Librarians. A little while ago someone asked me what I did (for a living) at a party, and when I told her, she cracked up laughing like I’d just told the funniest joke, like I’d said, I don’t know, that I was Head of Potatoes (REAL, look it up), or Hamburger University Professor (same article – Google it). Sheesh!

Anyhoo, so today we went to Clunes Booktown. Because I’m so damn Bibliocentric – just check out my blog title! Oh, and by the way Bibliocentric is meant to be that I’m, you know, into books. In general. Not religious manuscripts. I’m not Bible-centric, so consider yourself told. Okay, so Booktown. LOTS and LOTS of books. And the town – Clunes. A lovely, dry, slightly weird, historical, literary town, situated in some of the most spectacular countryside in THE WORLD. Oh – and set for the first Mad Max film.

The main street of Clunes – you might recognise it from Mad Max

There were activities for the children

I’m not sure if that shed is the actual pub, or just an ad for the pub.

And entertainment by the hardest-working busker in Victoria, Jacques the waiter. This is him with his baguette!

Le busquer

And this is him unicycling through the Booktown gateway:

Highlight of the day

That gave us a chuckle.

On the whole, an enjoyable day – good food, an amazing array of books, and a nice country atmosphere. Between the four of us, we only bought three books – a win for our tiny, cluttered house.